Things to do – Guided surf explorations

Mahalo Kazu & Junko from Japan! They booked a 5 day guided surf exploration with Waverider House.


Things to do – eat II

Located just a short walk from our location is the famous dumpling restaurant. Our favorite things to order are the hot sour soup, which is loaded with tofu, mushrooms, and bits of port, and the fried kim chee dumplings.

A typical meal costs about $1-$2.00 USD. It’s the best deal around.


Things To Do – Biking

Hengchun Town is surrounded by lush mountains and bordered by the sea. Just a short distance from the town’s center you can see all sorts of creatures in their natural habitat.  It’s a nature lovers dream!

It’s possible to see wild deer and monkeys in the mountains as well as a vast amount of bird species including eagles and hawks.

The best way to experience the amazing wildlife here is to rent a mountain bike and just take a ride up one of many dirt roads that twist and turn all throughout the mountains. Or ride along the coast and find your own secluded beach to snorkel.

*Please respect the land and do not disturb the animals and plants in this national park.


Things To Do – Explore Hengchun Town

Hengchun is located within the Kenting National Park and is the gateway to the tropical beach resorts and night markets of downtown Kenting, therefore it is also one of the most well known tourist towns in Taiwan, best known as “Hengchun Old Town” (恆春古城). The “Hengchun Old Town” is one of the best-preserved historical towns in Taiwan. The city itself was once completely surrounded by a city wall; now about half of the wall remains intact, as well as the four city gates. It was built during the 1st year of GuangXu’s reign of the Qing dynasty in 1875 and completed in 1879.

There is no shortage of places to eat in Hengchun. Street vendors on every corner selling snacks and literally hundreds of restaurants within a short 5-10 min walk from Waverider House. Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai cuisine, you can find it all. There is also a number of restaurants selling western food, including 711 and a new McDonalds.

Every Sunday night is the Hengchun Night Market. Unlike the touristy Kenting Street Night Market, this is where you will find more traditional Taiwanese foods and snacks, a perfect place to buy souvenirs to take back with you.